What is the biggest mistake you can make during bar prep?

Learn how to avoid falling into this common bar exam trap.

You CANNOT memorize everything!

  • The bar exam is too massive to try and memorize every testable rule.

  • Our free top 120 list will give you a plan of attack by highlighting the 120 most-tested rules from each MEE subject.

  • Features a top 10 list for each subject forecasting the rules that are most likely to be tested on the Feb 2018 MEE.

  • Includes a frequency (%) for each rule showing the exact percentage of prior MEEs each rule has been tested on. 

  • Based on 1,000+ hours of research and analyzation of prior MEEs (1995-2017).

  • Be efficient and confident on exam day by focusing on the rules that matter most with our free top 120 list!

Develop a plan of attack and prioritize study time efficiently with our MEE top 120 list.

Includes 1,000+ hours of research from prior MEEs (1995-2017). Yours for free.

WARNING. We recommend that you know all of the rules featured on our top 120 list COLD by exam day. There is an extremely high likelihood that you will encounter several of these rules on the Feb 2018 MEE.

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